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Gabriela Smith


In her photography, Gabriela reveals her fascination with the interplay of  form, shape and color, as seen in all dimensions around us, from the tiniest drop of water on a rose, to the majestic beauty of clouds.  With a contemplatory approach to her subjects, she strives to express and reflect their essence as she sees it, and throughout photography, make that wonderful beauty timeless. 


Passionate about flower photography, she reveals their intimate forms and celebrates the joy of color and pattern in her Landscapes Within and Color Dance galleries.  Gabriela has explored the beauty of line and shape in Architectural Landscapes, and the wonder of nature in Beyond.    Composition, depth of field and the softness of natural lighting are of particular interest to her and key elements in her photography.  Mostly self-taught, she has taken professional development courses at the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC and the London School of Photography. 

Gabriela holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Master’s degree in Latin American Studies/Economic Development from UCLA, as well as a Master's degree from the Harvard Kennedy School.    She is the founder and president of  The Crimsonbridge Foundation and the Crimsonbridge Group, a social investment and philanthropic platform dedicated to promoting education, developing leadership, and creating bridges of collaboration to effect positive, lasting social change.  Her professional background includes working at Catholic Charities and the World Bank.  She served in the Harvard Kennedy School Dean's Council,  the Georgetown University Board of Regents, The Georgetown Visitation School Board, the St. Jane de Chantal Salesian Center, and is a founding investor and honorary board member of Venture Philanthropy Partners. She currently serves in the Georgetown University Scholars Program Advisory Board, the FADICA (Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities) Board, and is the president of the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders, Washington DC Chapter.

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